Which would register a drop in air pressure?

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Which would register a drop in air pressure?

A.) a drop in temperature
B.) going down a mountain
C.) going up a mountain
D.) a heavy rainstorm
I think it’s d but I’m not sure :’(


Drop in air pressure takes place when one goes up a mountain.

Altitude is associated with air pressure, that is, with an elevation in altitude, there is a drop in air pressure.

• That is why when one goes up the mountain, the person feels a drop in air pressure.

• The air pressure is indicated with the help of an instrument called altimeter.

• There are two reasons of the drop in air pressure with altitude, that is, gravity and density.

• The high altitude regions like mountains are generally much colder than the regions closer to the sea due to low air pressure.

Thus, the correct answer is option C.

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