What is one major drawback of globalization?

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What is one major drawback of globalization?

A. Inflation rates have declined significantly because of increased
global trade.
B. Environmental regulations have gotten in the way of economic
C. Businesses have access to fewer markets when selling their
D. Increased competition can harm businesses in developing


Globalization is the movement of business internationally. It is harmful to developing countries as it increases the competition.

What is Globalization?

It is believed that Globalization started with Columbus’s expedition in 1492. But actually, it started way before with the first movement of Africans to the world in 5000 BCE. It is the movement of a business or organization in the international market.

It has many advantages but the biggest disadvantage of Globalization is harmful to developing countries as it increases the competition in the internal market.

Therefore option D describes the drawback of globalization.

Learns more about globalization here:

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