If DF = 9x-39, find EF.

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If DF = 9x-39, find EF.


The measure of EF is 58

From the line given, DF is equal to the sum of DE and EF

DF = DE + EF

Given the following

DE = 47

EF = 3x+10

DF = 9x-39

Substitute the given values into the formula

47+3x+10 = 9x-39

57+3x = 9x-39

3x-9x = -39-57

-6x = -96

x = -96/-6

x = 16

Get EF

Since EF = 3x+10

EF = 3(16)+10

EF = 48+10

EF = 58

Hence the value of EF is 58

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