Identify the beliefs of Protestants and the beliefs of Catholics. (Categorize)

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Identify the beliefs of Protestants and the beliefs of Catholics. (Categorize)

– Believed that faith alone could lead to salvation
– Believed that meditation, prayer, and contemplation exercises strengthened one’s relationship with God
– Vowed absolute obedience to the popeviewed indulgences as a morally and economically corrupt practice
– Rejected the belief that people couldn’t receive
grace through good works
– Taught that the Bible was
the only source of Christian
spiritual teachings


Statements 1, 3, and 5 categorize into protestants whereas statements 2 and 4 categorize Roman Catholics.

How did Protestants and Catholics emerge?

  • Martin Luther’s publication of what is known as “The 95 Theses” is credited as the start of the Protestant Reformation.
  • Indulgences were documents provided by the pope’s authority that allowed the person who obtained them to avoid having to perform penance for their crimes.
  • Not only did Luther protest the fact that these publications were being sold for profit, but he also questioned many of the doctrinal reasons for the usage of indulgences.
  • Luther continued to oppose indulgences, as well as the veneration of relics, prayers to saints, the pope’s power, and other issues.
  • Many long-held Catholic Church traditions were called into question.
  • Other Protestant Reformers, such as John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli, were also involved in the Protestant Reformation.
  • Luther and the other Protestant reformers preached salvation as a gift from God, not something gained by human effort.
  • The Roman Catholic Church spoke of God’s grace as well, but as an enabling power that enabled people to perform the actions necessary for salvation.
  • The reformers still preached doing good acts, but they said they were a result of salvation rather than a source of salvation.
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What do Roman Catholics believe?

  • Meditation, prayer, and contemplative techniques were thought to deepen one’s relationship with God.
  • Absolute loyalty to the Pope was sworn in.
  • Refuted the notion that people could not receive grace by doing good.

What do Protestants believe?

  • Believed that salvation could be obtained solely via faith.

  • Indulgences were seen as a morally and financially reprehensible practice.
  • The Bible was taught to be the sole source of Christian spiritual teachings.

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