Match the following terms to their best definition

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Match the following terms to their best definition


A. Texture. — c. Grain size

B. Grain Roundness. — D. Loss of edges on sediment grains. 

C. Layering. —  b. Stratification of sediments and rocks.

D. Sediment Sorting. — a. Range of particle sizes. 

What is meant by the sorting of sediments?

Sorting is a term usually applied to sediments or sedimentary rock and describes the degree of uniformity of grain size. The degree of sorting depends upon how much transport the sediment has undergone.

What is the difference between sorting and grain roundness?

Sorting refers to the range of sediment grain sizes in a rock. Well sorted means the grain sizes in the rock are all the same, whereas poorly sorted means there is a wide range of sizes represented. Roundness refers to how close the grains are to being perfectly spherical.


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