Which sentence is a scientific statement?

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Which sentence is a scientific statement?

Food cooked in ceramic pots has a better aroma than food cooked in copper pots.
A tall glass of water tastes better with a lemon wedge and ice cubes.
Today, there are more viewers watching baseball than ice hockey on television.
There is life on some other planet in the universe aside from Earth.


Solution: Sentence D is a scientific statement.

Scientific statement is a statement that defines the science behind any situation. There should be any experimental result or observation to state any scientific statement. Also, the statement should be accepted by considering other scientific aspects.

Here, statement A can not be a scientific statement as different aromas of cooked food are liked by different people. Any one can find aroma of cooked food in copper better than the ceramic pot.

Thus, the statement can be proved wrong easily.

Statement B can not be a scientific statement as people can find the taste of normal water (without ice cubes) better than the ice cold water.

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Statement C is not a scientific statement as there is no science behind watching baseball or ice hockey, it depends on the liking of today’s people.

Statement D is a scientific statement because this can be scientifically proved.  

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