Which statement best describes the purpose of a filibuster?

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Which statement best describes the purpose of a filibuster?

) A. To override a presidential veto of a popular bill
B. To allow the House of Representatives to review Senate bills
C. To delay the Senate’s vote on a bill a senator dislikes
D. To prevent a bill from being killed in committee hearings


The main filibuster purpose is best described as tactics is to delay the Senate’s vote on a bill a senator dislikes

Filibuster can be defined as a tactics used in parliamentary procedure by one or more person to delay or prevent debate or votes on a specific proposal.

The purpose of the tactics of Filibuster is to:

  • To prolong debate.
  • To delay or prevent a vote on a bill.
  • To delay vote on resolution or amendment.

Therefore, the statement C.bets describes the purpose of Filibuster.

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