How did trench warfare affect the war apex?

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How did trench warfare affect the war apex?


– Trench Warfare was not very effective because it caused a stalemate between the sides.  

Further Explanation:-

The feature of the western world which effected the way of fighting the war was the development of Trench Warfare. Once the war-related to ‘Race to Sea’ got over, the conflict was now shifted to holding on to positions. To hold on to the positions, The army wanted to keep themselves out from firing range of machine guns and for that, Soldiers had to dig down into defensive positions and that was when the trenches were introduced. The trenches were dug along the length along the front and it was very clear that these hastily dug ditches were made to be permanent and because of that, they involved into complex systems which were defensive on both the sides and the area which was opposing to this trenches was known as ‘no Man’s land’. Trench warfare was considered as deadlier for attackers then defenders and attackers suffered twice the causalities during an assault on the trench line of Enemy. Because of all these attackers faced during an assault, The western front became one of the Stalemate.

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Grade – High School

Subject – History

Chapter – Trench Warfare

Keywords –Trench Warfare, Causalities, Assault, Attack, Defenders, Stalemate, Western Front, Soldiers, Guns, Defensive Positions, Ditches.

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