Where May food workers chew gum at work?

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Where May food workers chew gum at work?

A. In the break area
B. In the buffet area
C. In the dry storage area
D. In dishwashing area



A. In the break area


Food safety is a very essential component in the food processing and manufacturing industry.  In order to reduce the risk of individuals to becoming sick from food borne illnesses; food should be handled, prepared and stored with great care. Food workers should take necessary steps to adhere to the food safety.  

Further explanation:

• Food workers are strictly advised to follow rules and regulations and take necessary precautions to handle, prepare and store food by preventing an individual to becoming sick from food borne illnesses.  

• Food pathogens can be transferred to the food by the act of eating, drinking, chewing gum or tobacco.

• When food handlers eat or drink in the food processing area saliva of the food handlers may be transferred to the food accidentally.  

• A food handler should be excluded from the food operations if he or she is not in a good health condition.  

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• Food handles are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke or chew gum when preparing, serving food and in the dry storage area.  

• Food workers can have a chew gum at work in the break area.

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