While using cruise control, _____.

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While using cruise control, _____.

A. you don’t need to steer or brake
B. you still need to steer and brake
C. you don’t need to pay attention to the road
D. you still need to press the accelerator to maintain speed


To solve this question we need to know about cruise control.

Cruise control is a servomechanism system that takes over the throttle of the vehicle to maintain a steady speed of the vehicle. It is a handy feature that eases foot fatigue and stress for the driver.

When the vehicle is going on with a speed higher than the specified by the manufacturer for Cruise control, the cruise control activates, removing the need of accelerating anymore, only steering and brake are the things the driver need to take care of. In case, if the driver presses the accelerator or clutch of the vehicle, the cruise control gets deactivated.

Looking at the question again, While using cruise control, _____.

The correct option that can complete the sentence is B, which is you still need to steer and brake.

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Hence, the complete sentence is While using cruise control, you still need to steer and brake.

Learn more about cruise control:

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