Read Shakespeare’s “sonnet 19.” Which is the best paraphrase of the line 9?

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Read Shakespeare’s “sonnet 19.” Which is the best paraphrase of the line 9?

A-Keep time from passing.
B-Time cannot alter my love.
C-My love has beautiful brows.
D-Do not make my love look older.


The best paraphrase of the line 9 in sonnet 19 is;

  • D. Do not make my love look older.


This refers to the brief re-enactment of the main points of a piece of article as it aims to write similar things to the original article, without plagiarism.

As a result of this, we can see from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 19, in the line 9, he talks about his love and how he does not want his love to look older because of how he would feel.

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