Figure ABCD is a parallelogram. What is the value of p? 6 7 8 9

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Figure ABCD is a parallelogram. What is the value of p? 6 7 8 9


In the parallelogram ABCD the required value of p is 6.

Given that,

ABCD is a parallelogram,

Angle a = 4p+12 degree,

And angle c is 36 degree.

We have to find,

The value of p .

According to the question,

A parallelogram is a quadrilateral whose opposite sides are parallel and equal. The opposite sides being parallel and equal, forms equal angles on the opposite sides.

Diagonals of a parallelogram are the segments which connect the opposite corners. In parallelogram opposite angles are congruent.

Now, In the  parallelogram ABCD,

m∠A = m∠C

m∠B = m∠D

Where, m∠A = (4p+12)° and m∠C = 36°.

Then, m∠A = m∠C

= (4p + 12) = 36

= 4p + 12 = 36

= 4p = 36 – 12

= 4p = 24

= p =

= p = 6

Hence, The required value of p is 6.

For more information about Parallelogram click the link given below.

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