Complete the synthetic division problem below

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Complete the synthetic division problem below

-3| 1 2 -2 3
What is the quotient in polynomial form
A. x^2-x+3
B. x^2-x+1
C. x^2+x-1
D. x^2+x-3



Option B is correct.        

Step-by-step explanation:

Given the synthetic division problem -3| 1 2 -2 3

we have to complete the given problem

The steps for synthetic division are  

Step 1: Set up the synthetic division.

Step 2:  
Put down the leading coefficient to bottom row.

Step 3:
Multiply divisor which is on left by the value just written on the bottom row.

Step 5:  
Repeat the above steps.

The synthetic division is shown in attachment.

Option B is correct.

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