Why was shays rebellion so hard to stop?

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Why was shays rebellion so hard to stop?



The correct answer is C. Shays’ Rebellion was so hard to stop because there was no money for a national army to stop them.


The Shays’ Rebelion was an armed uprising led by Daniel Shays, a Massachusetts farmer who had fought in the War of Independence. Between 1786 and 1787, he led about 1500 New England farmers to rebel against the federal government, protesting the economic conditions that had remained in the country after the war. Especially, they protested against the high taxes that had been imposed on the population, and the living conditions of veterans.

The rebellion was difficult to placate due to political issues. During that time the Articles of Confederation were in force, which although it created a central army, did not specify how it would be financed or in what number of men each state would collaborate in its formation. Thus, the armed forces of the United States were inoperative to resolve the issue, so the rebellion had to be stopped by local Massachusetts militias.

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