What system for selecting party nominees does the passage describe?

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What system for selecting party nominees does the passage describe?

I believe in encouraging people to have a say, bus as Democrat, I’m not happy with our current system. I know several Republicans who helped choose our las nominee for the state legislature, and he really didn’t represent Democratic values.
I think this system end ups changing the party too much.
A. Caucus
B. Closed primary
C. Open primary
D. Mixed primary


The correct option is C

A primary election (primary of nomination), or simply primary, is a choice in which the voters under a jurisdiction select the candidate that a party will present to a later public election. In other words, it is a democratic way of pre-selecting the candidate that a party will present to a certain electoral process. The “Primaries” are more common in the United States, not only for the presidential elections but also to choose the candidates for representatives, senators, mayors and governors, among others, and their origins go back to the progressive movement.

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