Which of these sentences is an example of paradox?

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Which of these sentences is an example of paradox?

A.) I’m between a rock and a hard place
B.) Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know
C.) She’s a genius and a humanitarian
D.) She tried to quiet the silence



The sentence that is an example of a paradox is the following one: She tried to quiet the silence (D).


Paradox means “contrary to expectations or existing belief”. It is a statement which appears to be silly or self-contradictory. In this case, the sentence suggests that there already is silence in the room since she is trying to quiet it. Yet silence is already quiet, so what does she need to quiet it? If silence is not quiet, then there is noise. Still, the sentence states that there is silence in the room.  What this paradox seems to suggest is that the room is not silent enough.

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