1. Where are people in the shrimp food chain?

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1. Where are people in the shrimp food chain?

A. Close to the very bottom
B. About in the middle
C. Close to the top
D. At the very top



D. At the very top


A food chain refers to the linear representation of the flow of matter and energy in the ecosystem.
The food chain may vary in a different ecosystem like the terrestrial and marine environment.

The shrimps are the crustaceans found in the marine ecosystem and feed on the plankton present in the ocean. Different species of shrimps eat different types of organism and these shrimps could be later eaten by the fishes which could be eaten by the humans or shrimps could also be eaten directly by humans. Therefore humans are present at the top in the food chain of shrimp.

Thus, Option-D is correct.

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