This relief sculpture is an example of a ________________.

The latter school question and answer enquired students to claim what they believe is the most important concern for a student to do if they wanted to attain success. Out of the many responses, the one that that stood out was practice. Successful people surely are not born successful; they become successful thru hard work and determination. This is how you can reach your goals. right below some question and answer examples that you would probably use to enhance your knowledge and gain insight that will assist you to continue your school studies.


This relief sculpture is an example of a ________________.

a. high relief
c. freestanding relief
b. low relief
d. sunken relief


Here are the three types of relief sculpture:
1) High relief is a sculpture whose form extends at least halfway out of the background. 
2) Low relief is a sculpture whose form projects only slightly from its background.
3) Sunken relief is a sculpture whose carvings are sunk below the level of the surrounding surface. 

This relief sculpture is an example of a high relief.

This example is a high relief because it forms project which is half from the background and is completely disengaged from the ground, therefore, approximating sculpture in the round.

From the answer and question examples above, hopefully, they might guide the student take care of the question they had been looking for and observe of everything that stated in the answer above. Then could possibly carry out some sharing in a group discussion and also study with the classmate in reference to the topic, so another student also ought to have some enlightenment and still keeps up the school learning.

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