A ray is a defined term because it

Per latest institution question and answer asked students to say what they admit is the most crucial important concern for a student to do to be able to hit success. A lot of results, one which that stood out was practice. Persons who definitely successful do not become successful by being born. They work hard and persistence their lives to succeeding. This is how you can fulfill your goals. Below are one of the answer and question example that you would probably make use of to practice and supercharge your information and also give you insights that could just guide you to maintain your study in school.


A ray is a defined term because it

has no width or depth
is described using an undefined term
has an informal definition
travels forever in one direction


‘is described using an undefined term’

because for defined terms,
“definitions are formed using
known words or terms to describe a new word.”

From the answer and question examples above, hopefully, they can definitely assist the student resolve the question they had been looking for and keep in mind of everything that declared in the answer above. Then can easily have some sharing in a group discussion and also learning with the classmate in reference to the topic, so another student also has some enlightenment and still keeps up the school learning.

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