Which portrays inadequate data?

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Which portrays inadequate data?

Geoff uses another classmate’s data because he forgot to record his own experiment’s temperature readings.
Shelby accidentally switches steps 3 and 4 while writing her laboratory procedure.
Rupal determines aluminum is the most reactive metal by completing only half of her experiment.
Juan records the density of acetone in grams per cubic liters instead of grams per millilite


The statement or situation that portrays inadequate data is the third one: Rupal determines aluminum is the most reactive metal by completing only half of her experiment. By not completing the experiment, this student has obtained inadequate data and reached a wrong conclusion. The most reactive metal (the most likely to undergo a chemical reaction in contact with water, acids, and steam, for instance) in the reactivity series list is actually potassium, not aluminum (although aluminum is indeed a very reactive metal).

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