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Question 7 of 20

Professor Moody repeatedly put the Imperious Curse on Harry until —
A Harry performed the countercurse Hermione whispered to him
B Harry was able to throw off the curse entirely
C Hermione accused him of being cruel to Harry
D Harry did the Reflector Spell and sent it back to Moody


Professor Moody kept on putting the imperial Curse over Harry by the time:

D). Harry did the Reflector Spell and sent it back to Moody.

The Imperious Curse

Professor Moody was determined that he would get his wish granted from Harry.

This is the reason that he continued with his curse by the time Harry did not agree to perform the Reflector Spell and return it to him.

He compelled the latter through constantly raising his ‘wand…towards Harry’ to get his work done from him.

Thus, option D is the correct.

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