What directly causes the Athenians to hide in their homes?

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What directly causes the Athenians to hide in their homes?

the return of spring
the arrival of the Cretan soldiers
the arrival of Theseu
the oppressive rule of King Aegeus



Option-(B): The arrival of the Cretan soldiers.


The fear in the hearts of the Athenians:

We know that it were the Greek that developed the society to an extent that it was then termed as the modern civilization. As they developed the modern form of government and had a greater influence in the filed of arts and sciences.But, there was a time when the people of Athens feared due to the arrival of the Cretan soldiers, as they treated people very badly and had an inhumane way of treatment when the soldiers used to arrive in the city.So, that is considered as the direct cause for the Athenians to hide in their homes, so they can save them selves from the brutality of the Cretan soldiers.

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