In the diagram, what is the measure of WRS? O 5° O 7.5° O 25° O 37.5°

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In the diagram, what is the measure of WRS?
O 5°
O 7.5°
O 25°
O 37.5°


Answer : The measure of ∠WRS is 25°.

Step-by-step explanation :

As we know that vertically opposite angles are always equal.

In the given figure,

∠VRT = ∠WRS = (5x)°          (Vertically opposite angles)

And we know that the sum of all angle in a straight line is equal to 180°.


∠TSR + ∠WRS = 180°

Given: ∠TSR = (25x + 30)°

(25x + 30)° + (5x)° = 180°

30x + 30° = 180°

30x = 180° – 30°

30x = 150°

x = 5°

∠WRS = (5x)° = (5 × 5)°  = 25°  

Therefore, the measure of ∠WRS is 25°.

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