The Great Awakening unified people religiously by?

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The Great Awakening unified people religiously by?

A) forcing them to convert to Christianity.
B) offering freedom to slaves if they converted to Christianity.
C) reminded people that if they did not follow God’s rules they would be punished.
D) emphasizing people’s personal connection with God and their need to accept Jesus.


According to the question, the Great Awakening unified people religiously by emphasizing people’s personal connection with God and their need to accept Jesus

Some of the themes of the sermon include:

  • That sin without salvation would made people to end up in hell
  • That all the people should have personal relationship with God
  • That people should be born again
  • That all people are born sinners.

Further Explanation

Between 1730s and 1740s, there was a religious revival, the Great awakening. This revival took place within the English colonies in America. It was indeed a period of intense religious revival that shook the entire American colonies.

The movement was against the doctrine of the higher authority of the church and placed more importance to the individual spirituality. The great awakening occurred at a time when American people where faced with the question of the role of individual in the church and society.

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Jonathan Edwards was regarded as one of the chiefs father of the Great awakening. Jonathan Edward was a Northampton Anglican minister.

His message was based on the premise that humans are sinners. He emphasized on the need for people to leave their sinful life and turn to God. He also preached to the colonial elite and the colonists not to see worldly things as God gift.

Edward preached an emotional sermon titled “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” His message spread throughout the colony and open the eyes of everyone.


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