How can a moderator set clear goals in a discussion?

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How can a moderator set clear goals in a discussion?

A. By asking the opinions of the group members
B. By expressing his or her position clearly
C. By stating what the group will discuss first
D. By summarizing what was said



The correct answer is: “C. By stating what the group will discuss first”.


A good moderator is always someone who is responsible for organizing ideas and situations, he/she should always state the ideas to be discussed very clearly in the first place. This why letter C is the best answer. Letter A is not the best because it is not about setting clear goals, although it is important to ask for the group’s opinions. Letter B is also not about setting clear goals, it only provides the moderator’s position. And, letter D is not possible because to “summarize what was said” means that the discussion has already happened and this is the contrary situation for setting goals for a future discussion.

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