The speaker’s words reveal her

One latest school question and answer asked over students to express what they believe is the most important challenge for a student to do if they wanted to obtain success. Of the many comments, one which that stood out was practice. Successful persons usually are not born successful; they become successful from hard work and persistence. If you wish to obtain your goals, keep this in mind! following some question and answer examples that you could possibly make use of to develop your knowledge and gain insight that will help you to keep up your school studies.


The speaker’s words reveal her

Read the excerpt from “Binding Memories
Bound by a spine
strong enough to hold entire worlds
of information and dreams,
history and invention
resolve to write her own book
enthusiasm for reading every book
reverence for the written word,
admiration of famous authors


The speaker’s words reveal her A. resolve to write her own book.

  • The words of the speaker showed that she was determined to have her own book.
  • According to the speaker, she said that if she could bind her memories into a book, that it’ll be a worthy experience for her and that she’ll be glad that she did.
  • The words from the speaker weren’t because she had an enthusiasm for reading every book or the reverence for the written word but rather because of her resolve to write her own book.

In conclusion, the correct option is A.

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