How did El Greco influence future artistic styles?

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How did El Greco influence future artistic styles?


Answer and Explanation:

El Greco greatly influenced future artistic styles in the world of art. During the early part of the 20th century, long after El Greco died in 1614, new artistic styles, arts movements, and painters discovered a new type of El Greco which they drew inspiration from and used in their respective practices.

The colors and expressions used by El Greco influenced people like Edouard Manet and Eugene Delacroix. Paul Cézanne, who was run of the first practitioners of Cubism art movement, clearly interpreted the ideas behind the morphology of El Greco’s works and gained inspiration from it. Generally speaking, many traits of Cubism art movement can be traced back to El Greco’s works.

During the times of his Blue Period, Pablo Picasso and the Symbolists arts movement were inspired by the cold tonality used by El Greco in his ascetic art figures.

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The German Expressionism arts movement concentrated on using the expressive distortions that El Greco applied in his works. In fact, Franz Marc, who was one of the leading painters in German Expressionism, linked the evolution of German Expressionism with the works of El Greco.

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