Skunks eat fruits, worms, plants, fish, insects, and more.

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Skunks eat fruits, worms, plants, fish, insects, and more.

Which describes the role of a skunk?
A.autotrophic omnivore
B.heterotrophic omnivore
C.autotrophic carnivore
D.heterotrophic carnivore


Skunks eat fruits, worms, plants, fish, insects, and more so the role of skunks is a heterotrophic omnivore.

What are omnivores?

Omnivores are those species which eat matter obtained from plants and animals both.

  • Autotrophic omnivores are those species which eats food prepared by itself only as they are the first creature of the trophic level.
  • Heterotrophic omnivores are those specied which eat both plants as well as animals also.
  • Autotrophic carnivores are those animals which prepare their own food and they may be one celled organism, etc.
  • Heteroyrophic carnivores are thos especies which fully depends on different types of animals for their food.

Hence correct option is heterotrophic omnivore.

To know more about heterotrophic omnivore, visit the below link:

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