Match each of these works with its artist.

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Match each of these works with its artist.

Pieter Bruegelthe ElderIsenheim AltarpieceAlbrecht DürerBattle Between Carnivaland LentMatthiasGrünewaldThe Apocalypse of St.John​


The correct match between the works and its artist include :

  • Battle Between Carnival and Lent painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder:  This was work was done around 1559 and it gives an insight to the contemporary of people living in Southern Holland
  • Isenheim Altarpiece painting by Matthias Grünewald was carried out between 1512–1516. This work contains the crucifixion of Jesus which was made to provide comfort.
  • The Apocalypse of St. John painting by Albrecht Dürer was done around 1498 and depicts the martyrdom of Apostle John.

From the answer and question examples above, hopefully, they could simply guide the student handle the question they had been looking for and take notice of everything that declared in the answer above. Then can potentially carry out some sharing in a group discussion and also study with the classmate with regard to the topic, so another student also possess some enlightenment and still keeps up the school learning.

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