What revision should be made to maintain parallel structure?

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What revision should be made to maintain parallel structure?

Sentence 1 should be revised to read, “When I get to my hometown, my first stop will be my uncle’s old gas station.”
Sentence 2 should be revised to read, “After that I will stop at Lancer’s Diner for some homemade cherry pie.”
Sentence 3 should be revised to read, “My next stop will be old Mr. Butterworth’s for a chat with my favorite neighbor.”
Sentence 4 should be revised to read, “My last stop will be the house in which I grew up to see who lives there now.”


The revision that must be made to ensure that the given sentences contain a parallel structure would be as follows:

C). Sentence 3 should be revised to read, “My next stop will be old Mr Butterworth’s for a ch-at with my favorite neighbor.”

  • Parallelism” is defined as the literary device in which the author provides words or phrases in a sentence having equivalent structure so that each idea is provided equal significance.
  • In the given passage, the sentence 3 must be revised employing future tense so that all ideas come under the similar grammatical structure.
  • This would assist in providing same level of value and meaning to every idea by establishing parallelism among them.
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Thus, option C is the correct answer.

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