40 points hurry plz help I don’t understand this. Plz use steps

Students were inquired to answer a question at education and to assert what is most important for them to succeed. The one which response stood out from the rest was practice. Persons who ordinarily are successful do not become successful by being born. They work hard and dedicate their lives to succeeding. This is how you can attain your goals. These are some question and answer examples that you would possibly make use of to enhance your knowledge and gain insight that will guide you to keep up your school studies.


40 points hurry plz help I don’t understand this. Plz use steps

Copying a Segment
Copy PQ to the line with an endpoint at R.
This task will be complete when you have
drawn an arc intersecting the line to create
a segment with length PQ.
Look at the picture and tell my is I did it right


When you copy a line from one position to another, it means you want to recreate the original line in the new position.

The endpoints of a compass are:

  • The point
  • The pencil

The following steps would allow you to copy line segment PQ to endpoint R.

  • Place the two endpoints of the compass on the line segment PQ (this would allow you to measure the length of line segment PQ).
  • Place the point (i.e. one of the endpoints of the compass) at point R.
  • Rotate the compass around point R, such that, you draw an arc with the pencil  (i.e. the other endpoint of the compass).
  • Draw a straight line from any point on the arc to point R.
  • Label the point on the arc as P.
  • Label point Q as R
  • You have successfully copied line segment PQ to end point R.

Using the above explanation to analyze the attached figure;

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You still need to label the line as PQ, for the figure to be completely correct.

Read more about copying line segments at:

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