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Which summarized story is most likely a myth?
A. Two sisters name faith and hope wondered from town to town, greatly changing the lives of people they meet
B. A mother grow sad when her daughter forced to return to her husband for three months each year, as a result of the mother’s sadness , crops no longer grow and the season changes to winter
C. A young thief begins to understand the difference between right and wrong and when he tries to rob a single mother on New Year’s Eve
D. Two young bird that fight with each other every day over food learn a valuable lesson about friendship, trust , and sacrifice


The summarized story that is most likely a myth is option B)

A myth is type of genre in which a story or tale it is believed to be true and in which characters usually have a non human or divine trait.

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In this case, the story tells about a mother’s sadness and its effect on the growth of crops. According to the myth, the character has the divine power to influence the crops.

They can potentially hopefully guide the student resolve the question by implementing the questions and answer examples. You could simply then have a discussion with your classmate and continue the school learning by studying the subject alogside each other.

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