Why might a social epidemiologist study the mass media?

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Why might a social epidemiologist study the mass media?

A. To understand the difference between types of music played in the media.
B. To determine how the media can be used to impact health.
C. To determine if the media can change the system of government.
D. To understand the coming features between movies and Family relationships


The social epidemiologist studies the mass media in order to understand how media can be sued to impact health. Thus the option B is correct.

What is social epidemiology?

The epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of the state of health in populations. The branch is centered with the ways of social structure, institutions, and relationships that influence health.

It features the pathways by which the society’s condition affects health. They study mass media to undertake how the media can impact health.

Find out more information about the social epidemiologist.

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