Harry and Helen are married, filing jointly. Their combined taxable income is $65,922. Every week, a total of $187 is withheld from their pay. Based on the table below, what can Harry and Helen expect when their taxes are due?

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A power company calculates a person’s monthly bill from the number of

kilowatt-hours (kWh), x, used.
The function b(x) = {
0.10 (20 – 400) + 60,
2 < 400 2 > 400
the bill.
How much is the bill for a person who uses 600 kWh in a month?
O A. $80
B. $90
C. $100
O D. $110


Their combine taxable income is $65,922. This is within the taxable income range of
65,950 – 66,000

Since Harry and Helen and married and filed for their income taxes jointly, they can expect to pay a tax of $9,181. Every week, a total of $187 is withheld from their pay which results to a yearly total of $8,976 which is less than their tax and so, they need to pay an additional $205 per year to cover their tax.

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