Which type of evidence would support the author’s claim?

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Which type of evidence would support the author’s claim?

Interviews with people currently living on the island who enjoy
B. Several articles written by different historians describing how
people from Polynesia first journeyed to Easter Island by boat
more than 1,000 years ago
C. A journal written by one of the civilization’s chiefs describing how
trees on the island died out after people cut down too many for
D. Photographs of the many grasslands that cover Easter Island


The correct evidence that supports the claim of the author is a  review paper which is written by chiefs describing the conditions of cutting down trees in detail. Thus, option C is correct.

What are the types of evidence used in Claims?

The evidence that supports the claims with facts and real-time data to make the judgment based on the information can be considered as evidence for any claim.

This evidence should be reliable and authentic to complete the arguments. This will helps readers to understand the perspective of any argument.

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Therefore, option C will be appropriate as the journal is itself written by the person who has experienced the cutting down of trees as he was the chief of the location.

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