Which population is most likely to have exponential growth?

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Which population is most likely to have exponential growth?

A. The mice living in a meadow with plenty of predators and limited food B. The mice living in a house with plenty of food and no predators
C. The fish living in a coral reef where there are many sharks
D. The fish living in a pond where many humans fish


Answer: B. The mice living in a house with plenty of food and no predators.

Exponential growth in a population result in increase in number and size of the individuals in a population per unit time. Exponential growth will favor reproduction cycle and larger pool of individuals for the next cycle. However, the exponential growth will be affected by availability of resources (food) and predation, these two factors can be limiting factors for population growth. The supply of food, is a universal limiting factor for population growth. Availability of food depends on the habitat where the organism is living. Competition among the different species living in the same habitat in an ecosystem can limit food availability. Here, the mice is living in a house with plenty of food this will result in exponential growth as there will be no competition and food for sustainance is available. Predators prey on other species for their survival. Moreover, the abundant species are the main target for predators. This prevents overpopulation of species in nature. Here, in house mice is free from attack by predators therefore, this will support exponential growth.

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