Which power is exclusive to the Senate?

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Which power is exclusive to the Senate?


Approving International Treaties is exclusive to the Senate. Some other powers that are exclusive to the Senate are impeachment, passing the bills, and to approve the appointment of the president.



What is Senate?

Talking about Senate in the case of the US Senate, the US Senate is the highest assembly in the United States legislature. Senate rights and powers are stipulated in Article 1 of the United States Constitution. Each state in the USA has its representatives in the Senate. Thus, the Senate consists of one hundred senators.  

Before the 17th amendment was adopted in 1913, the senator was elected by the state legislature, not through the elections. The Senate has various special powers or in this case, we call “exclusive powers” which are not given to the Parliament.  

Here are some of the senate’s strengths:

1. The Senate authorizes the appointment of federal judges, supervisory officials, ambassadors, military officers, cabinet secretaries, and other federal executive officials.

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2. The Senate is responsible for trying federal officials impeached by Parliament.

3. Senate also maintains various powers and authority for himself. The Senate and Parliament have very broad authority. The two bodies work a lot to conduct hearings on committees or investigate and supervise.

4. The most core role of the Senate is to supervise and examine executives to maintain a balance of the policies they make.


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