Which slavery-related event occurred first?

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Which slavery-related event occurred first?

the Compromise of 1850
the Fugitive Slave Act
the Kansas-Nebraska Act
the Missouri Compromise


The Slavery related event that first occurred is the Missouri Compromise.

The Congress had power to declare whether a state is a Slave state or Free states.

  • The Missouri Compromise was passed in 1820 and declared Missouri as a slave state and also Maine as a free state.
  • The Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed on 1854 to repeal the Missouri Compromise. The Act does allow people of each state to decide whether or not to allow slavery.
  • The Compromises of 1850 declared California as a free state and allows Utah & New Mexico to decide whether to be a slave state or free state,
  • The Fugitive Slave Act was passed on 1850 and was established by the Compromises of 1850. The Fugitive Act required that slaves should be returned to their owners.
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