Discuss the two main causes of skin cancer.

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Discuss the two main causes of skin cancer.


The two major causes of skin cancer are ultraviolet radiation and radioactive therapy.

Further Explanation:

Cancer cell mainly shows uncontrolled growth and does not go under cell apoptosis. Since the process of apoptosis is programmed cell death. So, if the signal for cell death is misinterpreted or blocked, it can cause an increased growth rate of the cancer cells. The blocking of the signal for programmed cell death means that the cell lives on for a long time, which can easily develop cancer.

Many skin cancers are developed due to sunlight exposure, mainly to ultraviolet (UV) light. If we didn’t protect our skin from the sun, then UV rays coming from the sunlight can damage the skin at the cellular level. Also, it causes mutation, which leads to the development of cancer. Sometimes people taking radiotherapy for skin or hair are under high risk of having cancer. This is because the radiation can cause mutation in the sequence of the DNA that leads to cancer.

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Grade: High school

Subject: Health

Chapter: Cancer Biology


Skin cancer, DNA, damage, sunlight, programmed cell death, apoptosis, blocking, develop, cancer cell, exposure, ultraviolet light, cellular level.

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