What is one main purpose of science fiction?

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What is one main purpose of science fiction?

A. To allow authors the chance to set stories in exotic locations
B. To make predictions that are longer than actual science,
sometimes by hundreds of years
C. To focus on the future impact of morality and religion
D. To generate interest in technology and science, therefore
improving education


One main purpose of science fiction is that it allows people to make predictions that are longer than actual science, sometimes by hundreds of years.

Science fiction is the genre of literature that focuses on the idea of making assumptions or ‘imaginary’ thinking that speculates on the possibility of things.

  • This is a form of storytelling where an author uses his/her imagination to go beyond the usual, beyond reality, asking the question “what if?”
  • While most science fictional stories are for fun and entertainment, some are seen as a means to ‘assume‘ the chances of things happening.
  • This is to say that science fictional stories may move beyond the world and even touch universe(s), beyond the capacity of reality.
  • So, when an author tells or writes a science fictional story, he/she is moving at a pace much faster than the real world, even predicting what will happen in the coming one or two years or even hundreds of years.
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But most of all, science fiction allows a person to make predictions, assumptions that may sound/seem possible but have not been actually done or seen in reality. They are just speculative stories that a person makes about things. Thus, the correct answer is option B.

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