WHich principle established during the Enlightenment does this excerpt reflect?

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WHich principle established during the Enlightenment does this excerpt reflect?

A. Governments get their power from the people. B. THe powers of government should be divided.C. Natural rights cannot be given or taken away. D. The power of government should be limited.


A constitution is a legal and written form of the law that has to be followed by the people and the government of the country.  It has many articles stating the rights and liberties of its citizens.

The government gets their power from the people is the principle established during the Enlightenment.

The constitution can be explained as:

  • The Articles of Confederation failed miserably and then the US Constitution was developed and established.
  • The constitution was established for the structural organization of the government and the role and authority of the people in the government.
  • The passage, “We the people” implies the creation of the government by the people and for the people.

Therefore, option A. government has their powers from the people.

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Learn more about the US constitution here:

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