Randall purchased a plot of land for his business. The figure represents a plan of the land showing the location of the office space, parking lot and open space for a yard so that the employees and visitors can enjoy time outside. The coordinates represent points on a rectangular grid with units in feet. What is the area of the plot of land that does not include the office space, the yard and the parking lot?

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What is the length of AD?
A. 17.
B. 15
C. 7.
D. 1



Option: A is the correct answer.

                 A) 3600 square ft.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since, the area of the  plot of land that does not include the office space, the yard and the parking lot is:

The area of trapezium ABCD-Area of rectangle BCEF

As we know that area of trapezium ABCD is calculated by the formula:

Similarly length(l) of rectangle BCEF=130 ft.

and breadth or width(b) of rectangle BCEF=80 ft.

Hence, area of rectangle BCEF is calculated as:

       Hence, Required Area of Plot is:


                 =3600 square ft.

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