A food worker cools a batch of chicken using two stage cooling method.

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A food worker cools a batch of chicken using two stage cooling method.

What is the maximum amount of time the chicken should cook from 135*F to 70*F?
A. 2 hours
B. 4 hours
C. 6 hours
D. 8 hours
(I already answered this question but I just want to make sure if it’s correct so please share your answer)



B. 4 hours


The chicken should be cooked at the required temperature and time to ensure not only that the meat is edible, but also to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms, as chicken is a product with a high risk of food infection. In addition, cooking should be done to kill the bacteria called salmonella that is commonly found in eggs, meat and milk.

To ensure chicken food safety, a food worker cooled a batch of chicken using the two-stage cooling method. This chicken should be subjected to cooking at a temperature of 135º F to 70ºF for 4 hours.

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