Which of the following shows a Bronsted-Lowry acid reacting?

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Which of the following shows a Bronsted-Lowry acid reacting?

CO + NO2 CO2 + NO
NH3 + H+ NH4+ co2/3 + H+ HCO3–
HCl + H2O H3O+ + Cl–



         Option-C:  HCl + H₂O  →   H₃O⁺ + Cl⁻


       Bronsted-Lowery concept of Acid and Base defines Acid as that specie which tends to donate H⁺ (Hydrogen Ion) and bases are those species which accepts H⁺ from Acids.

In selected option, HCl is reacting as Acid as it donates H⁺ to water (lowery bronsted base).

Also, the correspong acid is converted into conjugate base (i.e. Cl⁻) and base is converted into conjugate acid (i.e. H₃O⁺)

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