The Galapagos Islands can be described how?

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The Galapagos Islands can be described how?

odensely populated
O covered with tourists
O remote
O technologically advanced





The Galapagos Islands are a group of island that is located west of the coast of South America. The closest mainland country to these islands is Ecuador, which is also the country to which they belong to. These islands can be considered as remote islands. The reason why they can be considered as remote is that they are not very close to the shore for starters. There is no permanent population on them, only scientific expeditions with special licences. All of the islands have protected status, so anyone that would not obey to it will end up paying a large fee and end up in prison. The reason why the government has made such efforts for these islands to be isolated is because they have multiple endemic species on them, so in order to protect them from extinction and from invasive species, the islands have been made very hard to get to.

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Kata Kuncithe galapagos islands can be described how? densely populated covered with tourists remote technologically advanced -

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