HELP ASAP!!!!! 20 points!!!!!!!!

One recent institution question and answer asked over students to mention what they believe is the most important important element for a student to do in order for you to get success. Of the many reactions, the one that that stood out was practice. Successful persons commonly not born successful; they become successful through hard work and determination. If you tend to fulfill your goals, keep this in mind! following some question and answer examples that you could utilize to expand your knowledge and gain insight that will help you to continue your school studies.


HELP ASAP!!!!! 20 points!!!!!!!!

Which describes the typical procedure during a dental cleaning?
A) scale—polish—floss
B) floss—scale—polish
C) polish—floss—scale
D) floss—polish—scaleITS A, DON’T ANSWER QUESTION


Scale—polish—floss the typical procedure during a dental cleaning. Thus the correct option is A.

Scaling is when dentist removes all the plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) above and below the gumline, making sure to clean all the way down to the bottom of the pocket.  Dentist will then begin root planing, smoothing out patient teeth roots to help patient gums reattach to your teeth.

What is polishing?

Tooth polishing is a dental procedure that leaves tooth enamel glossy and smooth. At many dental offices, it’s a standard part of a routine cleaning appointment.

Flossing helps remove bacteria, plaque, and food from between your teeth, and it reduces the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease.

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