Which statement about the Gulf of Tonkin incident is true?

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Which statement about the Gulf of Tonkin incident is true?

A. It led to renewed French involvement in Vietnam.
B. It led to more U.S. troops in Vietnam.
c. It led to a cease-fire in Vietnam.
D. It led to a new election in Vietnam.


Out of the given, the statement “It led to more U.S. troops in Vietnam” is true about the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

Answer: Options B


The occasion within the Gulf of Tonkin united an assault and a supposed lure on U.S.A. destroyers by Asian nation powers in August 1964. On August a pair of, the USS Maddox was probe for when by Asian nation torpedo pontoons. The Maddox discharged direction shots, and therefore the Asian nation by then maltreated with torpedoes and machine gunshot.

The U.S.A. drove forward through simply minor and no challenges; the Asian nation flatboats were injured and that they endured through many setbacks. On August four, there was a report of a second Tonkin Gulf occasion that was expressed, nevertheless this later was uncovered as a trick report.

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Everything thought-about, the American open was known with 2 assaults and therefore the scenes were used to urge Congress to pass the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, that gave the President open-finished forces to die troops within the military travail in Vietnam.

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