Describe how the body responds to different types of medicine.

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Describe how the body responds to different types of medicine.


In general, all ingested, inhaled, injected medications will be filtrated by the liver, kidneys and then expelled, once they’re inactive. Some examples of medications:
-Antibiotics aid the immune system in attacking the specific bacteria cells;
-Vaccines imitate the presence of infection, making the body develop their respective antibodies, T-lymphocytes (raising immunity)as well as possible side effects, such as low grade fever, soreness, headaches, or rare allergic reactions;
-Painrelievers, anthistamines enter the bloodstream once they’re digested in the stomach; they are actually distributed in the whole body. Once cells encounter these chemicals, they’ll stop releasing prostaglandin (which sent to the nervous system, makes people feel the sensation of located pain).
-Asthma inhaled steroids /anti-inflammatory drugs help the body gather better respiratory control, as they act on the mucus and inflammation reduction of the airways.

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