Which sentence best describes tone?

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Which sentence best describes tone?

O A. Although well supported, the paper’s transitions were rough.
O B. Each sentence was perfectly constructed with no errors.
C. The speaker’s sarcasm comes through in his word choice.
O D. Strange gestures distracted the audience during the speech.


The sentence that recounts ‘tone‘ effectively:

C). The speaker’s sarcasm comes through in his word choice.

What is tone?

The tone is characterized as the perspective adopted by the author towards the content he/she is elaborating.

This assists in evoking the response from the readers as per the requirement of the work by offering them a perspective.

The third sentence most adequately displays the tone because it shows that the speaker has opted for a sarcastic perspective about the content as reflected by the choice of his words.

Thus, option C is the correct answer.

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