Ensuring food establishment interior does not need repair helps avoid:

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Ensuring food establishment interior does not need repair helps avoid:

1Biological contamination
2Metaphysical contamination
3Physical contamination
4Chemical contamination


By keeping the interior of food establishment in good condition helps prevent physical contamination

Contaminants may be explained as unwanted substances which causes harm or makes something it comes in contact with impure. Contaminants may be physical, chemical or biological.

• Physical pollutants or contaminants are visible objects which can be seen and causes food substances to become impure. Interior of food establishment are capable of causing physical contamination if damaged.

• Metaphysical contamination may be attributed to extraterrestrial powers.

• Biological contamination are caused by microorganisms such as viruses and fungi.

•  chemical contamination results from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals.

There, physical contamination may be avoided by keeping the interior of food establishment in good condition.

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